45 – 90 Day Addiction Treatment Program


Unfortunately, drug addiction relapse is a very real threat facing everyone who pursues recovery. Many former drug users experience setbacks, or might even fall completely back into addiction. And even rehab, when it’s short-term doesn’t always help—between 40 and 90 percent of people who’ve completed a 30-day drug rehab program end up relapsing. But the good news is this: by checking into a longer-term stay at a drug rehab facility, you can dramatically decrease your risk for relapse and keep yourself protected. Click here to learn more about why short-term rehab stays aren’t as effective as long-term ones.


45 to 90 Days is the Optimal Length of Time for Lifelong Recovery

Unfortunately, a short-term stay in rehab, usually 28 or 30 days, can be somewhat ineffective in treating drug addiction. In fact, the current government and scientific research indicates that a 45 – 90 day addiction treatment program is the minimum length for truly optimal drug addiction treatment. According to recovery.org, supported by the CDC, “people who wish to have a successful recovery should enroll in a program that is at least 90 days in length.” The numbers don’t lie: between 40 to 90 percent of drug addicts relapse if they complete a short-term rehab program (usually 30 days or less).


What does a 45 – 90 Day Treatment Program Look Like?

What can I expect from long-term drug rehab treatment program? First of all, having 45 – 90 days means that you have a better amount of time to fully detox from drugs. From there, rehab facility staff can help you work through any withdrawal symptoms that may appear. Then, you can spend more time getting away from the temptation to use drugs. And you’ll have more time with the support and care that comes from being inside a rehab facility with trained medical staff.

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