What makes The Last Resort stand out from other drug and alcohol treatment centers?

We believe it’s our passion for recovery!

You’re likely to feel the difference beginning with your very first phone call to us.

Our staff knows that when you call, a man’s life may be at stake and we’re determined to provide both you and him with all the help he needs. That’s why our passion drives us to stay “cutting edge” with our treatment models and never satisfied with less than positive outcomes.

But our own passion for recovery does little good if it isn’t being instilled into the lives of the men we’re here to serve. That’s why the life-changing power of the original program of Alcoholics Anonymous forms the bedrock of a man’s treatment experience at The Last Resort Recovery Center. Through our unique Immersion Treatment Model, men live, learn, and teach recovery – and they do it all with a joy and with a sense of brotherly love and camaraderie that’s spreading our reputation far beyond the hills of Central Texas.

At the Last Resort Recovery Center, we help our clients become the men they were always intended to be; and we’re proud and passionate about doing it.

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Smithville, TX 78957
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I tried to quit a hundred times. Sometimes I’d make it for a month, sometimes two, but I always wound up back with my drug. What I found [at Last Resort] was the answer to what I’d been searching for in recovery but couldn’t seem to find. They put it all together and they put me together too!