Paula Basden, R.N.

Equine Therapy Specialist

IMG_3979-270x270Paula brings a unique talent and passion for helping young men recover through a rather unusual path – horses! Paula has loved working with horses nearly all of her life and the men at the Last Resort quickly come to share her some of her passion. She uses her equine therapy skills, along with her nursing background, to help men work through feelings of fear and anger, resentment and sadness, loneliness and reoccurring childhood wound tying it to the men’s 12-Step journeys. Paula says, “These feelings can serve as triggers for addictive behavior and it’s been one of the real joys of my career to work with the team at the Last Resort in bringing the healing power of this work to the men we help. I’m proud to be a part of the team.” Equine therapy is another of the many evidence-based practice The Last Resort employs to help men recover. Thanks to Paula’s skills and gentle touch, the guys always look forward to saddle up when she takes them down to the corral.

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I tried to quit a hundred times. Sometimes I’d make it for a month, sometimes two, but I always wound up back with my drug. What I found [at Last Resort] was the answer to what I’d been searching for in recovery but couldn’t seem to find. They put it all together and they put me together too!