Corbin Bigheart

Recovery Specialist Supervisor

Corbin was born and raised in Enid, OK and a proud graduate of the University of Oklahoma (Boomer!). Struggling with alcoholism and addiction starting at age 17, Corbin started trying to get sober at 22. In and out of rehabs, hospitals, and jails, Corbin tried everything other than the 12 steps to find recovery with no success.

“I couldn’t stay sober for longer than 24 hours outside of an institution. I had reached a point where I truly believed there was no hope for me.”

In April of 2015, after 5 years of looking for a solution, he finally found one that worked in God and the 12 Steps. Corbin then was able to find his life’s purpose through helping other men find sobriety. “Passing strength and hope on to the addict or alcoholic who still suffers is the greatest joy of my life.” As the Recovery Specialist Supervisor, Corbin provides day to day leadership and direction to our Recovery Specialists, as well as 12 Step implementation and program direction outlined by our Director and Coordinator of Recovery Services.

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I tried to quit a hundred times. Sometimes I’d make it for a month, sometimes two, but I always wound up back with my drug. What I found [at Last Resort] was the answer to what I’d been searching for in recovery but couldn’t seem to find. They put it all together and they put me together too!